This Dad Built A Soccer Simulator For His Six Year-Old’s Birthday

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Some dads buy their children video games for their birthdays. That wasn’t good enough for “Dave,” an electrical engineer, who built this simulator, complete with goalkeeper video and infrared sensors, for his kid’s sixth birthday. Our only question: does he want to be our dad?

According to Hack A Day,

The first part of [Dave]‘s project was getting footage of a goalie diving for a soccer ball. Luckily, [Dave] is friends with [Mark Macdonald], a former NCAA goalie. After 10 minutes in the park with [Mark] and a 720p camera, [Dave] had all the footage needed to build his video game.

To detect where the soccer ball passed into the goal, [Dave] built a small soccer goal studded with infrared LEDs and infrared beam break sensors. Combined with a small switch underneath the ball tee, the software knows the time of flight and where the ball crossed into the goal. The game processes these two numbers to determine if it’s a goal, or was caught by the retired pro goalie.

Full Story: HackADay

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