This Guy Has Designed A New Crest He Wants The USSF To Use

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Written By Carl Mansson
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For many countries, the national soccer team is the most tangible and compelling representation of a nation’s identity. The symbols of those teams become iconic: England’s “three lions” crest, the blue and white stripes of the Argentine National team, the 10 on the back of the Brazil shirt, these all carry instantly recognized meaning. Now there’s an American who wants his nation’s symbolism to reach those same heights.

Omaha, Nebraska-based graphic artist Nicholas Burroughs is evidently one of the many American fans underwhelmed by the current U.S. Soccer Federation crest (used since 1995, with some color variation over time) :

Although it’s an improvement on older logos, which scream either “generic American thing” or “laziest stylized 90s crap possible…”

… many American fans remain unconvinced, and a large number are partial to the “Don’t Tread” logo used on Nike’s U.S. soccer merch. Which, being a registered trademark, will never get signed over to the USSF.

With that in mind Burroughs created a new logo. A little heavy on the gold, and not nearly enough red and blue for our tastes, but not a bad effort at all.

Crest designed for use by the United States Soccer Federation. Taking a much more European approach to it and taking inspiration from the KNVB (Dutch Football Association), this identity utilizes a strong symbol of the United States in the bald eagle. Fifty stars also represent fifty states in what is a more bold and strong approach than the previous identity.

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