This Guy Plays Bass For Muse, Trains With The Chicago Fire

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It must be nice to be a rock star. Beautiful women, great parties, international flights in first class. And most importantly, you get to spend your off days training with professional football teams!

Well, at least if you’re Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme, who routinely finds local pro teams to let him hang around and play when he’s on tour. As he’s in Chicago this week where Muse are headlining Lollapalooza, he and some of his roadies went out and knocked the ball around a bit with the Fire

Perhaps being a professional footballer is one of his Undisclosed Desires. Let’s hope the excitement doesn’t cause him Hysteria but instead leaves him Feeling Good and in a state of Bliss. I could do these puns Endlessly, but I wont.

Supermassive Black Hole. Okay, finished. Promise.

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