This Is The Most Awesome Freestyle Juggling Video We’ve Ever Seen Involving Fire and Ocelots

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This video comes to us from the Czech Republic, who have apparently just been working on this and only this since the fall of communism. Totally worth it. Full breakdown after the jump, because this was just too cool to leave by itself.


CAST: Some guy who looks like Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords, two other dudes, some models, and an ocelot.
PREMISE: A deal exchanging a briefcase of cash for some balls of various sizes that catch on fire at opportune moments.

0:25 – Good thing they let us know it’s “CA$H” in there. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what Europeans put in metal briefcases. Although since they’re Europeans, shouldn’t it be “MON€Y?”

0:33 – OCELOT! (insert “BABU!” joke for all you Archer fans out there)

0:44 – Two hummers meet in the middle of nowhere and six white people get out. I’m pretty sure this is how they decide the GOP nomination for President.

A bunch of freestyling. Yawn. Get back to the good stuff.

2:14 – Ocelot to bored model transition. That’s quality work, people.

2:35 – She’s still bored, but there’s also something going on with her eyes. Is she displeased (it’s impossible to tell)? Is the deal done? Will there be…I dunno…fire?

2:40 – Oh, look. Fire. Everything is better with fire.

2:55 – His name is “Weber” and now it says “Weber” and it’s on fire, making him the second coolest Weber in the world after Forumula 1 driver Mark Webber.

2:57 – Weber? Fire? Great, now we’re hungry. Anyone else want cheese on their burger? Disclaimer: do not try to light your Weber with a flaming ball at home.

3:08 – Did they put out a casting call for “bored European model?” Because they NAILED that part.

3:11 – Freestyle juggling a flaming tennis ball. Just a thing this guy does.

3:17 – She just nodded. Men, you now know what it takes to impress Czech models: world-class skills and briefcases full of money.

4:04 – Action movie slo-mo flames shot. Every soccer video should feature fire. “Leo Messi’s 234 goals… ON FIRE.” “Mario Balotelli being interviewed by Noel Gallagher… ON FIRE.” “Joey Barton inflicting grievous bodily harm on someone outside a McDonald’s… ON FIRE.”

Spotted on The Offside Rules

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