This Is What Henrik Larsson’s Head Looks Like Made From Clay

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Henrik Larsson is a legendary player, one of those universally liked figures of immense talent who pops up unexpectedly and commands the attention and adoration of all those who witness him.

So it’s hardly a surprise, then, that he has a statue. It looks like this:

But did you know it could have looked like this instead?

That Larsson statue was commissioned, and a sculptor began the process of creating a clay model, finishing the head before the money ran dry. Three years later, another statue, by another artist, was created and now stands outside the Helsingborg stadium.

Unfinished project for a statue in his honour. Funding fell through, but 3 years later a sculpting friend of mine was commissioned for the same project. That statue can now be seen standing in all its bronze glory outside Helsingborg football stadium….Ouch!

Source: Behance

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