Tim Roth Is Playing Sepp Blatter In A Film About FIFA

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In an era when the behind-the-scenes stories of such cultural touchstones as Facebook and Wikileaks show up on the big screen in short order and feature brilliant actors attempting to capture the sometimes unflattering likenesses of living people, a movie about FIFA sounds amazing. Too bad the film currently in production under the auspices of a French company–in which FIFA president Sepp Blatter is played by English actor Tim Roth–will give us a sanitized version of FIFA’s history. Yep, Tim Roth.

Roth will costar in the film, set to be released next year in celebration of both the World Cup in Brazil and the 110th anniversary of FIFA, with Gerard Depardieu. Depardieu plays longtime FIFA president Jules Rimet. The film’s title is “F2014″, which sounds like something that should have robots.

FIFA has a video of an awkward meeting between Roth and Blatter (FIFA does not allow embedding of their videos, which is…well, very FIFA). Check it out. Blatter says the casting was “well done” and says he and Roth have in common “certain qualities”, which sounds to us like something Roth should look into.

You’ll notice that there’s never really a clear shot of Roth in the video, probably because Sepp doesn’t want anyone stealing his spotlight, even the guy playing him in a movie about FIFA.

Source: The Guardian

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