TMZ Welcomes Claudine Keane to LA By Asking “Who’d You Rather” With Victoria Beckham

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

TMZ aren’t exactly renowned for their discerning approach to celebrity culture, and their recent feature on two of LA Galaxy’s most prominent WAGs is absolutely no exception.

Instead of announcing the arrival of Claudine Keane (Robbie’s Keane’s not-unattractive spouse) to the USA with a straightforward bikini tribute gallery, they went a step further, pitting her against the Queen of California in a ‘Who’d You Rather‘ vote.

The rest of the media have poured scorn on the crass comparison of two married ladies, with UK tabloid The Daily Star getting on their highest hypercritical horse to quote indignant LA-based media analyst Mike Raia:

“A lot of people had seen the TMZ piece, which was pretty crude and suggestive, especially in the way it was worded.”

Raia goes on to criticize the MLS side, who didn’t exactly disassociated themselves from the crudeness:

“… for the Galaxy’s owners to then literally point press and TV photographers in its direction is outrageous…”

That’s right, Robbie — your new team are complicit in a news feature that asks the general public if they would like to fornicate with your wife or a colleague’s wife. Welcome to the Land of the Free.

I’d like to say we rose above this obscene objectification, but I voted for Claudine, and at the time of writing, she’s up 53%. (Suck it, Posh.)

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