Tony Pulis Is Too Important For A Chauffeur, Motoring Safety

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Stoke City manager Tony Pulis was pulled over last November after being clocked doing 96 mph in a 60 zone. Considering his team had just been thrashed 5-0 by Bolton, he was probably distracted anyway, and therefore an unsafe driver. But he’s employed an unorthodox defensive strategy to keep his license: his job is too important to the city of Stoke-on-Trent to have a chauffeur spill his phone conversations to the press.

Despite the offense bringing his points total to 15, Pulis told the court he couldn’t have someone else drive him, saying:

I’m in control of over 100 employees. I deal directly with the chairman and his son; it’s very unique in that respect.

They’re concerned about the circus of media which follows football clubs.

A lot of the success of the club is because a lot of deals have been kept within the football club until we have to disclose them. We try to keep it that way.

We signed Peter Crouch in the summer without anyone knowing.  That took almost four days of non-stop conversations between us and Tottenham and Peter and the like.

If other clubs had found out, they would have been attracted and might have signed him before us.

I have my staff who I trust implicitly, but there are things I wouldn’t even discuss with them.

Pulis’s lawyer added:

There are numerous phone calls every day between Mr Pulis and the chairman which are totally confidential.

That has contributed to the success of the football club. As a result of being in the Premier League it has put Stoke-on-Trent on the map.

It has led to numerous businesses being set up.

A number of them are totally reliant on Stoke City, and those businesses would suffer if they were relegated.

The people of Stoke-on-Trent could suffer if Mr Pulis lost his licence and lost his job.

Yes, this does mark the first time that telling a judge at your speeding ticket hearing that you use your cell phone while driving has actually helped someone’s case.

Or maybe the judge is just a Potters fan.

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