Treasures of eBay: 1887 Rhode Island Foot Ball Association Challenge Cup Trophy

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

For Treasures of eBay we wade through mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction worth checking out.

Today’s treasure is a Sterling Silver 19th Century Soccer Trophy with an asking price of $16,500.00.

Today’s item up for bid is both a serious piece of soccer history and an even seriouser piece of soccer bling.

The “1886-1887 Rhode Island Foot Ball Association Challenge Cup” was made in a long-past time when men were men, women couldn’t vote, rich people played on sports teams instead of owning them, and naming your team the “Pawtucket Free Wanderers” wouldn’t get you called a Eurosnob.

It’s a seriously gorgeous bit of silverware, and certainly more swank than 90% of characterless trophies you see today. The asking price is $16,500, and while I usually make fun of the prices in these pieces, that’s totally not the case here. $16.5 grand is a steal. (Ed: As in, STEAL IT!)

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