Treasures of eBay: 1974 World Cup Coin

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Treasures of eBay is a daily feature where we wade through the mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction we think is worth a second look.

Today’s treasure is a gold 1974 World Cup commemorative coin with a starting price of $1395.00 and an auction end time of Jun 15, 2011 at 08:38:59 PDT.

The 1974 World Cup took place in West Germany and was the first tournament for the World Cup trophy as we know it today. Brazil was given the previous trophy permanently in 1970 after they won the tournament for the third time. So West Germany ’74 has that distinction going for it, being the host when the gold blob trophy thing made its debut.

Of course you want to commemorate that, and most definitely with something also made of gold. This coin, weighing in at just over 1 oz. of pure gold in fact, is just the thing.

On the “heads” side are Tip and Tap, the completely unimaginative mascots of the tournament, gleefully waving because they didn’t live in East Germany. On the “tails” side, the very bland German tournament logo that looks like it belongs to a waste management company.

Buy it today and use it whenever you need to make a decision, decide who gets to kick off, or if you just happen to like things from Germany made out of gold.

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