Treasures of eBay: 1975 Soccer Pinball Machine

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Treasures of eBay is a daily feature where we wade through the mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction we think is worth a second look.

Today’s treasure is a 1975 Gottlieb soccer pinball machine, with an asking price of $485.00.

The 1970s were glamorous days for American soccer. Names like Pele, Best, and Cruyff could be found on American soccer fields and in American nightclubs.

The 70s were also heyday of the pinball machine, multitudes of which could be found in any arcade, bowling alley, or shag-carpeted rumpus room.

It therefore comes as no shock that the two met, probably at a key party. Nine months later, the product of that coupling was the Gottlieb SUPER SOCCER pinball game, which could be yours for around $500.

Although you’ll have to pick it up in Manchester, Maine, which we think Carlos would like a lot better than the other one.

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