Treasures of eBay: 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Game Tickets

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

For Treasures of eBay we wade through mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction worth checking out

Today’s treasure is a set of four tickets to the Gold Medal Game of the 2012 Olympic Soccer Competition with an asking price of $7,999.95

It’s been notoriously difficult to get tickets for the 2012 London Olympics. And if you did get them, you probably didn’t get a “marquee” event, like soccer or the 100 meter dash.

But don’t fret, those of you dissatisfied with paying through the nose for tickets to the opening round of doubles badminton. For eight thousand cold, hard American greenbacks, you and three very close friends can see some football.

Yes, for just two thousand dollars apiece, you and the three people who will have to buy you beer forever can see the final of the only soccer tournament of any importance not wholly controlled and milked for profit by FIFA.

Actually, that’s not a bad deal…

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