Treasures of eBay: 8-Foot Tall Bronze Soccer Player Sculpture

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Treasures of eBay is a feature where we wade through the mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction we think is worth a second look. Yes, we brought it back. Don’t get used to it.

Today’s treasure is an 8-foot tall bronze sculpture of a soccer player with a Buy It Now price of $75,000.00.

No garden is complete without a statue. And since you’re definitely a footy fan, seeing as how you’re reading a footy culture blog, your garden needs a footy-related statue. Like this one, by Russian sculptor Anatoly S. Mikhailov, an 8-foot tall bronze number depicting a player—head up, vision forward—pausing before making that crucial pass that sends his teammate through on goal in the biggest game of the year. Maybe. The ball is a little small though.

This statue was commissioned by the Modern Art Foundry, a New York-based foundry that specializes in metal sculpture. The artist is a Russian-born sculptor with an impressive portfolio maybe.

This $75,000 piece of art is the final piece of any good soccer sculpture collection. The number ten if you will, a playmaker of culture and class. Maybe. It will also be a bitch to ship. The thing weighs 600 pounds.

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