Treasures of eBay: Backyard Soccer MLS Edition

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Treasures of eBay is a daily feature where we wade through the mountains of bollocks on eBay to bring you an auction we think is worth a second look.

Today’s treasure is Backyard Soccer MLS Edition with a current opening bid of $0.99 and ends May 30, 2011 07:15:39 PDT.

In a world full of FIFA’s and Pro Evo’s, it’s nice to look back and remember a time where there were actually more than two soccer games you could choose from. In the year 2000, a year (which still sounds strangely futuristic despite being over a decade ago) famed video games developer Humongous Entertainment (what, you never played Pajama Sam?) released Backyard Soccer MLS Edition on something called a “CD-ROM”. I assume it was Humongous.

Was the game any good? Well given the game’s Wikipedia page tells us pretty much nothing about the game other than the fact that it was, in fact, released, I assume it didn’t keep EA Sports up late at night. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth your hard earned change, though.

So here are some simple questions to help you make your purchase decision:

– Have you ever wanted to play alongside child-versions of professional players including both Brian McBride AND Brandi Chastain?

– Were you a hardcore Tampa Bay Mutiny fan and seek any way to relive your club’s glory years, while also playing alongside child-versions of professional players?

– Have you ever wanted to “select your choice of field”?

– Does the idea of beating someone with the Dallas Burn and then saying, “Ohhh BURRRRRN!” to your friend, and I assume frat brother, sound really fun?

If the answer is yes, then something is really wrong with you. But luckily you can satisfy a number of these life goals while making eBay seller cardleukemia a very happy, and probably very surprised, chap.

Also this is the seller’s eBay profile picture, taken from what I presume is some kind of serial killer convention in the 1970s.





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