Umbro Gets Fancy With R.Newbold On This Jacket

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If you have the geographic misfortune of living with the annual snow fall, the lack of an actual playable pitch is the least of your worries. Every morning when you leave the house, taking a Cronaldo pile-driver to the face would perhaps be more pleasant than the piercing winds you face.

But in a twist of fate, Umbro gets both fashionable and technical with a new jacket created in partnership with Japanese brand R.Newbold (a diffusion label masterminded by none other than Paul Smith). The outer shell features an authentically British armed forces camouflage with the guts of the jacket featuring patented HEAT NAVI tech. With HEAT NAVI, the jacket’s outer layers are able to absorb energy from the sun through all spectrums and boost inner temperatures by up to 5 degrees Celsius. The website has a thorough explanation of the whole process.

To sweeten the deal, the jacket is both water and wind proof for the total package. But unfortunately this jacket will most likely be tough to get outside of Japan.

Source: MEN’S NON-NO

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