USA Beats Germany In the World Cup…the Robot World Cup That Is

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Robotics and artificial intelligence seems so close to, yet so far away from, becoming a full-fledged part of our daily lives. While there’s much to be seen on the complexity of the tasks that robots can handle in autonomous fashion, soccer seems to be a serious frontier for innovation. The RoboCup contingency has a goal to field a team capable of beating their human counterparts by 2050; this video an indication of exactly how much progress is needed in the next 38 years.

The Mexico City-hosted RoboCup event included 25 teams, with the US coming out winners in the final versus Germany. The seven-something minute long video is pretty comical at points with several anti-climatic moments due to the speed (or lack thereof) of the game.

Source: Wired

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