Usain Bolt Has An Opinion On Messi v. Ronaldo

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Not content with being the most celebrated and beloved track-and-field athlete on the planet, Usain Bolt has made it well known that he would quite like to play for Manchester United. And now he’s waded into the Great Debate Of Our Time, offering his opinion on the “Messi or Ronaldo?” question.

For Bolt, an unabashed Manchester United fan, there’s only one answer. As he told Portuguese channel RTP:

No doubt Cristiano is better than Messi. He is a more complete player.

I would give [the Ballon d’Or] to Cristiano. He has managed to stay on top and that’s the most difficult thing.

Well, he makes more sense than Pele and his pro-Neymar babbling.

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