USMNT Is Good at Keepy Uppy Until Tim Ream Ruins It

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The USMNT took some time during their preparations for their quarterfinal match with Jamaica to play a little keepy uppy. Everyone does their part to keep the run going with deft feet and clever touches, until… Leave it to the center-back to ruin it.

They should be good at it. But all it took was the training assistant to call out “left foot only!” and the whole thing went to poo. Work on your left, Timmy Ream. Budding international center-backs need both feet. Even when their distribution skills from the back are already at a super-American level. Just kidding, Tim. If you somehow happen to read this, I know you have a left foot. A very good left foot.

Also, Freddy Adu makes his first appearance of the Gold Cup (kind of) in this video. So lookout for that.

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