Wayne Rooney Broke A Nine Year Old’s Wrist

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Nine year old Jamie Thomas was attending his first Manchester United game, away to Wolverhampton Wanderers, when he got a unique memento from United star Wayne Rooney – a broken wrist and a plaster cast.

During warm-ups, an errant Rooney shot went into the crowd, and young Jamie, there with his father, put a hand out to grab at it, but it was too much, and left the youngster with a broken wrist. They ended up missing most of the second half and later went to the hospital.

Rooney did not know at the time, but later tweeted that he would be sending the boy an autographed shirt and a written apology.

Two things to take from this story: (1) Wayne Rooney can write? In English? (2) United won 5-0, so obviously to win the title, they need to maim small children before every game.

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