When You’re Cristiano Ronaldo, Supermodels Discuss Your Hair Product On Twitter

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It must be something else to be Cristiano Ronaldo. You inspire devotion and hatred in seemingly equal turns wherever you go. Arguably the best player who has ever lived, you’re constantly compared with the other supremely gifted forward in your domestic league. And supermodels talk about your hair product on twitter.

Watching the Euros, Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli took exception to C-Ron’s new “Scott Parker/shark fin” mashup do. Irina Shayk, another supermodel and C-Ron’s WAG, took exception, because you just don’t diss a girl’s man like that and get away with it.


Rafaeli then apologized, meaning that the winner in this is Ronaldo because I’ve never had supermodels discuss my (lack of) style on any social networking site.


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