Who Wants To Get Their Lunch From A Timbers Player?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We knew Major League Soccer players weren’t paid nearly as well as most of their European counterparts, but we assumed the days of players taking second jobs to make ends meet (Troy Perkins used to moonlight as a mortgage lender) were behind us. Well, not entirely. Just ask Portland Timbers winger and food cart owner Sal Zizzo.

Although Zizzo, who used to play for German side Hannover 96, won’t be slinging a spatula himself (a friend of his will be handling the day-to-day business), he did invest his own money and has a background in food service: his family owns multiple restaurants in San Diego.

Apparently food carts are pretty popular in Portland, their constant presence inspiring Zizzo and his friend to try their hand at the business

I thought the whole food cart thing is kind of cool here. It was kind of talked about between me and my friend from back home. We were thinking about doing one. In the last couple of months, it’s kind of (gotten) real serious.

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