Wojciech Szczesny Says Arsenal Players Use “John Terry” As Slang For Ugly Girls

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Every group of friends has inside jokes and code words they use to communicate surreptitiously in public. The Arsenal squad is no different, except they’re rich, famous young men with would-be WAGs hanging off them at every turn. So they have a code word to identify girls they don’t want to talk to. It’s “John Terry.”

In an interview with the Polish edition of Playboy, the vowel-challenged Arsenal stopper revealed that the former England captain and technical Champions League winner’s name was invoked whenever they’re around a girl whose company they don’t particularly enjoy.

At Arsenal, [Terry’s name] is another word for an ugly girl. If there’s a girl around that we don’t really like, we use it as a smokescreen, as in: ‘Have you seen John Terry recently? He’s terrible’. I recommend this, it really works.

I wonder what a girl has to do to get called an “Ashley Cole?”

Source: Off The Post

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