World Cup Footage, Yours For $50,000 a Minute

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

“Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story” chronicles the rags-to-riches career of DeMerit (pictured, receiving some Sweet Chin Music) and while the film is basically finished it remains $215,000 short releasing it. So what’s the problem?

The movie includes footage of game action. DeMerit’s journey included time in the Championship, the Premier League and, in what was certainly the high point of his unlikely career, with the United States at the World Cup. So obviously it wouldn’t be much of a documentary without a few minutes of match action to illustrate the point.

DeMerit and his fellow film makers have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds and, in the interest of transparency, have broken down exactly where they’re falling short:

Licensing the rights to Premier League footage – $20,000 per minute x 2
Licensing the rights to Championship footage – $12,000 per minute x 2
Licensing the rights to U.S. National Team footage – $20,000 per minute x 2
Licensing the rights to World Cup footage – Approx. $50,000 per minute (cut out due to costs)

FIFA charges $50,000 per minute to license World Cup footage. That’s a five followed by four zeroes. One minute alone increases the needed funding for Rise and Shine by a whopping 25%. No wonder the makers decided against including footage of DeMerit playing in the World Cup. An organization that brought in revenue of $4.1 billion between 2007-2010 and profits in the amount of $625 million effectively embargoes video of World Cup action from anyone not backed by Rupert Murdoch or the Disney corporation. DeMerit and company only want 6 minutes of game footage but it’ll cost them $52,000.

Meanwhile, FIFA is embroiled in a bribery scandal. $40,000 payments handed out to Caribbean officials, an odd $1 million gift to CONCACAF from president Sepp Blatter, questions surrounding how the tiny desert nation of Qatar secured enough votes to win the 2022 hosting bid: story after story of how money has corrupted the administration of the game have the media and fans up in arms.

It costs less to bribe an FA for a presidential vote than it does to buy a license for one minute of World Cup footage. How depressing is that?

This is why we can’t have anything nice.

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