World Football Collective Nike5 Gato Range Are Some Sick Soccer Kicks

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Looking for a new pair of sneaks that look cool and also allow you to ball outrageous on the street soccer court should you chose to? Thanks to a collaboration between Nike and some suitably global musicians, you are in luck.

The mighty popular Gato range of small-sided soccer shoes has been amazingly reinterpreted by three of the world’s most prominent musicians: XBS of Japanese hip-hop group Nitro Microphone Underground/NITRAID, British producer A1 Baseline, and Brazilian rapper Mano Brown.

The result in each case is a very versatile sneaker that will attract ballers and non-ballers alike. These aren’t brand new, but our job is to bring you quality, an entity of timeless distinction. In that regard, Nike just continues to find ways to cross-over between sports and other elements of culture, making their product appeal to a much wider audience.

The type of love these would get from any sneaker-head reminds me of the way the Nike SB line jives with skaters to people who would wear knee pads if they had to skateboard and everyone in between. Check out the lushness:

XBS edition:

A1 Bassline edition:

Mano Brown edition:


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