Your New Premier League Broadcaster Is… Apple?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sky. ESPN. More Sky. Lots more Sky. Even in America, we know who the British-based broadcasters of the Premiership are, mostly from watching blurry streams of dubious legality on early Saturday mornings. But now, there’s a potential new player on the scene: Apple.

Rumors of an Apple TV set that goes beyond the existing Apple TV box have been swirling for a while now, with Steve Jobs claiming to have “cracked” the problem shortly before his death intensifying speculation.

Now, according to The Daily Mail, Apple TV is ready to enter the market in a very visible way, and could bid against Sky, ESPN, and Al-Jazeera for the rights to broadcast fascinating clashes like Wigan-Stoke. Having exclusive Premier League content available through the iTunes subscription service could be seen as a “killer app” for the TV and give Apple a leg up on Google.

Full Story: Daily Mail

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